Wednesday, January 6, 2010

just bursting with excitement

So, as I was standing at the kitchen sink this morning, filling a glass with water, I heard my wife (who was sitting at the kitchen table behind me) say in an oh-so-gentle tone,

"Uh, honey? You think maybe it's time we look into a pair of maternity pants?"

What, you don't like the stuffed sausage look?

Personally I'm waiting for a button to physically pop off, or my seam to split straight up the back before subjecting myself to the humiliation of elastic-waist pull up pants.

Although, to be fair, I do hear they are quite comfortable.


  1. Yeah, Heather went full maternity pant about two weeks ago. She has one pair that fit great (petite) and one pair that are regulars that we hemmed.... they fit okay.
    May as well go for it!

  2. Helloooo! Just stumbled across your blog. Congratulations n the BFP! Make usre you do keep posting... looking forward to getting to know you on the journey to our babies arriving.