Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Go Martha! Go Martha!

It has occurred to me that in my excitement about growing a little bean I have completely forgotten to write about the other MA that this blog is about...our lovely adopted state of Massachusetts. We have been here for 5 months, 2 weeks and 4 days. In that time, we have gotten married (woo hoo!), went sight-seeing all over New England: we went hiking in Maine, visited friends in New Hampshire, explored Provincetown, toured the Witch museum in Salem, spent a weekend in NYC (twice), and enjoyed the holidays with relatives in New Jersey. And, oh yeah, just this morning we voted in the election for US Senator.

The past few months have been crazy around here with the campaigning...it's been a very nasty fight, let me tell you. But with so much hanging in the balance, namely the possible passage/blockage of health care reform, it's easy to see why. At first, we thought there was no contest...this is Massachusetts after all...of COURSE a Democrat is going to win. But ohhh, how we were mistaken. This may be known as one of the most liberal states in the nation, but it seems the Reds are rallying. Especially here in Worcester County, aka Fox News Country.

At my job I am surrounded by very outspoken conservatives and only a handful of closet liberals. Now, everyone here is very tolerant of me, and the fact that I am married to a woman (or at least they are civil to my face), but I have had to endure countless slams against "Flaming Liberals", "President Osama" and "The Big Government Machine". You would think my workplace was Scott Brown's campaign headquarters.

So this morning, we did the only think we could...we got up early, drove through the snow, and voted (with all our might) for Martha Coakley, the woman who filed a lawsuit against the US government to repeal DOMA. For that reason alone, she is my hero.

Go Martha!

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